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IWISA Super Maize Meal 1kg (Freeze for Longevity)

IWISA Super Maize Meal 1kg (Freeze for Longevity)

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This Iwisa No 1 super maize meal is made into a thick porridge used in many cultures as a staple food. Iwisa No.1 Super Maize Meal is naturally high in energy, is fortified with 6 vitamins and 2 minerals for better health.

Source of vitamin B12
Source of selenium

No.1 Super Maize Meal (Freeze for Longevity).

Product Details
meal is normally white in color and quite coarse-textured. Cooked on the stove, maize meal can make an appearance at any meal of the day. Consistency can vary from a smooth and loose porridge, through a stiff paste, to a crumbly and dry texture. Try this South African classic in your home today.

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